Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day in the life

Tuesday aug 25
After a great night out at Anaheim stadium and disappointing nightcap at turcs of sunset beach, I awake in good humor with the soothing sounds of the pacific ocean rumbling in my ears. Getting down to the business at hand of washing clothes and making phone calls to birds crew in chitown for a recap of the euro tour, I eventually jump in the rent a wreck en route to Hollywood for my first day of 15 with Scottish sensations, franz Ferdinand.
It is a rather lackluster drive up through the flat lands of the south bay inland area and up the 110 under the watchful eyes of a plethora of police helicopters. I make it to my hotel in a reasonable time to check in, drop the car off, and set about my business of the day, a very leisurely paced day, I may add. I run into a couple of the boys for a quick hello and manage to wolf down some fish tacos to keep a clean sheet of Mexican food every day whilst in sunny so cal. I finally enjoy my first solid internet connection since venturing westward and steam roll through some unanswered mails, the guts,glamour, and glory of a tour manager in todays world.
5pm bus call for our trip to the fabulous forum, the house that dreams were made of for the glory days of west, wilt, worthy, magic, kareem, kobe and shaq. Nice to see everyone again for the winding ride southbound through the Crenshaw , culver city and Baldwin hills. We park up, are met by Julie, the bands assistant and work our way into the bowels of the forum(and I must say, bowels would be a fairly apt assessment). Tonight is the fellas last night with green day, and I am sure they are a bit apprehensive as to what the last nights spoof may be. I have seen plenty of strange things on the last night of a tour over the years, tonight should be no different.
My first franz show on this record, is a quick one, support style, replete with a mock cannon, toilet paper guns, and a celtic marching band. Afterwards the green day boys come along to the dressing room for a fine champagne toast of cristal- p diddys personal beverage. Now we are really feeling like we are in l.a., sequestered in what I had been led to believe was jack nicholsons personal party space, replete with an old school electric cooker for those hot kniving evenings of yore. Catering definitely mustve been the special hellhole assigned to the boston Celtics to return the favor for the wee shitbox reserved for road teams at the old garden.
After the rapid fire show, mr kapranos, Julie and I leg it over to the wiltern for 35 minutes of the dead weather which lalo was gracious enough to bump us in the back door. Brilliant rock show and real happy to catch with all sorts of peeps hanging out aftershow, way too numerous to mention in the confines of this space. Suffice to say, a good night was had by all, as we said good night and those departed for pool parties, room parties, after parties and god knows what else. Me , I retired horizontally speaking to the missus and watching law and order reruns. Not bad for the first day of tour.

Monday, August 11, 2008

the king and i

so lazy this past while, the shins was far too busy to sit around hotel rooms in my boxer shorts drinking berocca and hoping for the best. besides, there was work to do. here is the next generation and his dad, age 1

all points taken!

apparently a radiohead concert happened at liberty state park over the weekend and a festival broke out

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monday, March 26, 2007

high coup

march 5 dallas the palladium
1st day of tour blues
to a packed out texas house
lee harveys later
march 6 houston verizon wireless theatre
Houston hangover
And some phone threat psycho blues
Early to bed, nice
March 7 austin backyard
Willie nelsons place
And the best catering yet
Brilliant vibes outside
March 8 off Nashville
Jacks barbecue, mmm
And tournament time on tv
Fast asleep by 10
March 9 ryman auditorium SOLD OUT
The birth of bluegrass
And awestruck in this hallowed hall
After show rockabilly
March 10 winston salem millennium center SOLD OUT
Bizarre haunt downtown
And frisky sold out punters
Harpers is bizarre
March 11 dc off
More tournament time
And stoneys bar and grill drinks
No buy backs in dc
March 12 dc constitution hall SOLD OUT
With a former fugazi
In attendance,, sure
March 13 philly electric factory sold out
Shit hits the fan for
Tomorrow, murphys law time
Dressing room cheesesteaks
Mar 14 theatre at msg SOLD OUT
The day of all days
In the bigtime of msg
Daddys aftershow
March 15 boston Orpheum SOLD OUT
Freezing rain again
Just like last tour, malloy bros
Kick out the late night
March 16 montreal metropoplis SOLD OUT
Best show of the cycle
And the loudest crowd thus far
Foufones electrique
March 17 toronto koolhaus SOLD OUT
Sausage party day
Or st patricks day, car bombs
And the pogues late night

Monday, March 05, 2007

usa redux

Its haiku time again
Sunday feb 11 st louis mo, the pageant theatre, SOLD OUT
We find our thrills at
Blueberry hill restaurant
Fried food and bloodys
Monday march 12 lawrence Kansas liberty hall SOLD out
A night in the snow
At the gaslight, pear shaped shots
We get so lawrenced
March 13 lawrence Kansas liberty hall sold out
More snow and massage
Therapy with barbecue
Now that’s a hangover
March 14 denver kbco boulder performance
Flat tire in the ice
Storm and not a key fete, either
With kline and weaver
March 15 denver fillmore sold out
A big new mex posse
Rolls their way northbound on I
25, good times
march 16 salt lake city in the venue SOLD OUT
blown to Cheyenne and
back and not the way one likes
pity poor slc
march 17 boise Egyptian theatre sold out
amazing day in
boise, a classy joint to
be sure, that’s classy
march 18 seattle paramount theatre sold out
almost home, and it
feels as such, stans labyrinth
nails the show from high
march 19 vansterdam commodore ballroom sold out
easy in country
and a bar mans mess again
free fluevogs today
march 20 seattle paramount sold
easy street instore
and the upright piano
too late aftershow
march 21 pdx crystal ballroom sold out
voodoo doughnuts and
jakes crawfish for oyster shots
union jacks afters

Sunday, February 11, 2007

my kind of town, chicago is

Feb 10 milwaukee eagles ballroom
Tis a mild 15 degrees out whence we roll into the parking lot of the eagles ballroom. I head out to check into the dayrooms, as I have heard that the showers here are scary. The last time I remember being in this building, we had to hotfoot it out of there. Different times indeed. So basically it is a day spent next to a radiator in a production office, enjoying some pretty darn good bbq. The ballroom upstairs is a beautiful round, sort of like the Hollywood palladium. And man there are an awful lot of people showing up tonight, 2840 to be exact. I think that is the sum total of audiences in Milwaukee in my entire career. It is immense.
The guys spend the day in the opium denlike backstage area watching reality tv, these things are like viruses, very virulent viruses at that. We get to groove on viva voce as they play a rocking set to the very partisan crowd. Our guys hit the stage and the place goes nuts throughout the set. It is not as brilliant as last nite in mpls, but the kinks are definitely being ironed out. By the time we hit ‘new slang’, the place is awash with cel phones and good times. This generations lighters, I guess. Afterwards we have the requisite snack session backstage, replete with red wine and a bunch of ej/s family members and some of the voce mates from chitown. We take it pretty handy out in the parking lot, as tomorrow is the windy city.
Feb 11 chicago congress theatre sold out
We get in early, breakfast at el cid, the best breakfast burrito I have had not made by my lovely missus. It is so good I cannot help but share with hernadez out on the bus. Everyone is hooked and they are off to el cid. We get inside early, introducing ourselves to the house of blues crew, and prepare ourselves for the very easy day.
I lock myself into the production office and work towards the next three tours, we have a drum tech today which is quite helpful for mr zivich and crew, things go real smooth until the IEM/s take a shite sometime during soundcheck, fortunately the kids from the grammy institute miss out on that one.
I manage a walk outside but the windchill is excruciating, as much as I may want to head out for dinner, the fish tacos for lunch sufficed, they were stellar.
So it is 630pm and al;l systems are go, the entire Johnson family seems to have arrived as well as some other familial sorts. God I love Chicago, I am beginning to think that there is no finer city in the united states. It has it all and brains to boot. The best looking crowd I have seen in sometime, I can say that much. And we get all sorts of surprise visitors, including the lemos family, nice to hang out with them, to be sure.
Vv hit the stage to a sparsely populated but enthusiastic house, and by the time they are off, there are an awful lot of Midwesterners out there tonight, and it becomes very apparent which side their bread is buttered on, as the roar(to put it mildly) reaches a tumultuous crescendo, the one time my cel phone fails to record. It is very impressive, and they lads proceed to play the show of the tour. I manage to catch most of the show throughout various spots of the room, a beautiful old vaudeville theater near logan square. By day cold and spooky, by night all warm and fuzzy, I guess that/s the way it/s going to be. Aftershow, everyone is delighted as we have our first big post show hang with guests. We go en masses with april, the house monitor engineer, to the green eye bar under the el tracks at western. Good times and tamales ensue. Sometime later, and well scoobied, we call it a night and head for st louis.

Friday, February 09, 2007

world domination enterprises

Wednesday feb 7 2007, Minneapolis Minnesota
I arrive in the am on northwest into Minneapolis, and man are we in the greater, whiter north. All I can say is that new york is like Barbados at the moment in comparison to this scheisse. But hey, it/s winter in Minnesota!
In the cab, to the hotel, in the room , and all that jazz, I set about to having the most productive day in yonks even in battling a prehistoric internet connection and a microwave that predates Jeffrey dahmers cannibalism. As it stands, egveryone is in the air and potentially on time. So much so, that I have to turn down t wolves tix in a battle of the cellar dwellers v golden state.
Everyone arrives in good spirits despite battling 24 hour tropical nasties at home. We are finally get on the submarine, 11 men on a bus, coming to your town soon. The mood is anticipatory, as james says, ‘lets sell the fucking album’. After some brief formalities, most of the mob head off in the sky way to look for a beer and burger joint. I go and actually run two miles and have a swim before being bounced from the Jacuzzi by drunken denizens of a former soviet republic that would not go amiss on folsom street in September. I am out of there quicker than a boris yeltsin drink order at the g-8 summit, and back to the shack for duke v north Carolina, a nail biter, before settling into some law and order, my sleeping pill of choice. Ready for the first day of world domination.

Thursday feb 8 1st avenue, Minneapolis, mn SOLD OUT
So here it is, day 1, finalmente, and we are all down for breakfast, a free breakfast in our very bizarre yet charming downtown hotel. And I have to say, to a man, everyone is eating oatmeal, which makes me think, that since this is zivich/s bday, that oatmeal may come in handy later in the day.
So it is back to the shack, I managed to crawl a mile or so on the treadmill, fire off a few more emails, rally the troops on the bus and take marty and james to a radio station in the boon docks who was severely lost from block one, prompting me to offer to drive. After much rigamarole, we make it there with police escort(you got me runnin’), the lads knock it out in 5, we get an intern escort back. And man, everything has arrived but a lone Gibson el capitan bass. Conrad is our host once again, and it is familiar faces all over. We have to face our first soundcheck party today, and it aint easy considering half our shite is broken due to the cold, and when I say cold, I should preface the whole days doings by adding , 20 below. You get the picture.
So the boys fight through it, the cold, the anticipation, and the eagerness. The general consensus amongst all of us is, lets do this thing. And do it we did.
The vibe in the room is electric, and the club has done their gosh darnedest to usher them in from the bitter cold. Everyone is ready, as one punter gleefully shouts, ‘we/ve waitied two 2 fucking years for this’ during the intro to sleeping lessons. Zivich and I are on scrim duty, and man, we nailed it. What ensues is 90 minutes of indie bliss, everyone knows all of the words and the biggest knuckleheads in the room are reduced to joyous shouts. And I fail to mention the fact that viva voce came out and completely nailed the people to the floor, the family robinson left em gobsmacked. What a bill!
Afterwards, the customary post prandial patrons, its as if the guys just won game 1 in a best of 7, a well earned victory against a formidable , fickle opponent. As the boys come off the stage, a very unassuming Youngman subtly states, ‘the entire state of Minnesota is proud to have you start your tour here, thanks’. Pretty groovy.
And the night does not finish there, as it is zivich/s bday and we are off to o/donovans for car bombs, van Morrison, autograph sigining, car bombs, makers mark, roadie escorts, u2, car bombs, autograph seekers, friendly cocktail waitresses, more u2, and finally we have to get the flip out of there and crawl into our respective bunks and hammer down to Milwaukee for round 2 of this heavyweight title match. Displaced at number 2 from some chancer from American Idol, what the f*7k is wrong with